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start quoteI began to use the Coin Manage Canada and I have to congratulate you.  It is a nice product and very easy to use. You did a great job.  Thanks a lot for your fast answers. end quote  F. Gagné - Québec
CoinManage Canada 2013
Platform: Coin Collecting  Windows XP / Vista (32 & 64 bit) / Windows 7 / 8 (all versions)
Price:  Download: $34.95  CD-ROM: $44.95 Purchase StampManage stamp collecting software
Download Free Trial (60MB)
  • Powerful Export abilities.  Export data to Microsoft Access, Excel, or to an HTML page.
  • Attach up to 4 of your images to each coin record. supports JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG images.
  • Store an unlimited number of file or URL attachments with each record.  
  • Needed to Complete feature.  Instantly see which coins you need to complete a particular type.  Print the list if you like.
  • Comes with pre-defined links to related sites. 
  • Each record contains over 30 information fields.  Keep track of defects, Purchase and Selling info, etc.
  • Types & Varieties Manager allows you to add data for Countries or Varieties not present in the program database.
  • Store Internet and Contact Information for Customers, Dealers and Grading Services.  Easy One-Click viewing of all coins bought or sold from a particular Dealer/Customer.
CoinManage Canada Coin Software main screen 
Accurately Value your Coins

CoinManage Canada includes a comprehensive and accurate values database.

  • Recently expanded to include many more grades.

  • Our popular EBay™ Completed Item Search lets you instantly view Selling Prices for the coins you specify.

  • Keeps track of bullion coin values by downloading the latest spot prices for Gold, Silver and Platinum.

CoinManage Canada Coin Software
Store Images for each Item
Import images directly into CoinManage using a TWAIN-compatible scanner or digital camera.  Load .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .png and .bmp images from files or Paste them in from the Clipboard.  You can even 'drag' image files from the Windows Explorer directly into the image window!  Use the 'Shrink To Fit' feature to automatically reduce images to a manageable size.

CoinManage allows up to 4 images for each record.

Attach images to your Canadian coins
Printed Reports in Several Formats
Printed Reports in Several Formats.  Print a description of one coin, or Print in Catalog, Detailed or Report formats.  
View your Coin Collection in many different ways

View all your Coins from the year 1939.  Or All coins bought from a particular Dealer.  Click on a Query to instantly execute it.  Besides being able to see the results, you can then print them out, or export to an Access, Excel or HTML file.

New Purchases and Sales sections allow you to view all purchases and sales by Month/Year.


View all info related to your coin in your Internet Browser!

Use our new View in Browser command to package all info related to a coin for instant viewing within your Internet browser.  Can be used with more than one selection allowing you to use the Next and Back buttons to browse through your collection within the browser. 




Use the HTML Export feature to view data in Catalog format
Screen Shot to the right shows the results of an Export to HTML command (as viewed from Internet Explorer).  

View coins from your collection or from the CoinManage master coin database in this catalog type format. Click on the coin image thumbnail to see a full-size image of the coin.



Use the Type & Varieties Manager to add new coins to the database.
Do you have coins from Countries not in the CoinManage Database?  Easily add new coin data and images using the powerful Types & Varieties Manager. 

We used it ourselves to add all coin and images the program database.  

Add new coins from other countries, or new Canadian coin varieties

CoinManage Canada 2013 Pricing (Prices are in Canadian $)

  CoinManage Canada (Electronic Delivery)  -  $34.95
Registration code & Download instructions via eMail


Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by PayPal

CoinManage Canada CD    CoinManage Canada (CD-ROM) -  $44.95
Includes a comprehensive 45-page printed manual


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Upgrades - Only for previous purchasers of CoinManage Canada



Upgrade to CoinManage Canada 2013 (CD-ROM) Upgrade will be shipped to you on CD-ROM with a printed manual.


Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by PayPal C$25.95
Upgrade to CoinManage Canada 2013 (Electronic Delivery)


Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by PayPal C$17.95
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