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StampManage Stamp Collecting Software

Catalog Your Stamp Collection using SCOTT™ Stamp Catalog Numbers
StampManage Stamp Collecting Software  
  • Use StampManage to easily catalog & value your stamp collection using SCOTT catalog numbers.  From $79.95.
  • Includes a comprehensive & complete database of 243,000 stamps from: USA, US Possessions, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Russia, Israel, Germany, GDR, Great Britain, Cuba, Vatican, France, Italy, UN and many more countries...complete with 130,000 images.
  • Officially licensed to use the industry standard SCOTT™ numbering system used in SCOTT™ stamp catalogs.
  • Superior Reports - including a Stamp Album report template.
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CoinManage Coin Collecting Software

The best Way to Inventory your USA Coin Collection.
CoinManage Coin Collecting Software  
  • Use CoinManage to catalog and appraise your coin collection.  Only $39.95 for the Download version.
  • Complete & comprehensive listings of all US coins from 1793-2013 with mintage figures
  • Up-to-Date & accurate valuations in many grades.
  • Instantly search for coin auctions on eBay™ by year and mintmark.  Updated every year since 1997.
Learn more about CoinManage coin collecting sofwareBuy CoinManageDownload CoinManage Trial (65MB) Other Versions: Coin Collecting Software for UK Coins UK  Software for Canadian Coin Collectors Canadian

HomeManage Home Inventory Software

Home Inventory Software - HomeManage
  • You'll always know what was in your home at the time of any theft or catastrophic event
  • Easily Prepare a Detailed record of your Valuables.
  • Prepare your Home Inventory now.  Simplify Insurance claims.
  • Estate Planning features.  Communicate your intentions by recording each item and noting it's beneficiary.
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  1. CurrencyManage Currency Collecting Software

CurrencyManage Paper Money Collecting Software  
  • Use CurrencyManage to inventory and value your currency collection.  Only $49.95 for the Download version. Indexed by Friedberg Number.
  • Ships with a comprehensive database of all US Bank Note varieties as well as an additional database of all 14,000+ National Banknotes.
  • Use our amazing eBay search feature to quickly search current (and completed) paper money auctions.
Learn more about CurrencyManage Banknote softwareBuy CurrencyManage Paper Money Collecting SoftwareDownload CurrencyManage (35MB)  
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