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Answers to the most frequent CoinManage questions:

1. I have a laptop and desktop computer, I would like to use CoinManage on both computers.  Is this allowed?  If so, how can I do this?

You can install the program on more than one machine as long as only 1 person will be using the program at a time.  CoinManage uses a file called COINDESC.MDB that contains all the text data in the program.  If you want to switch between computers, you can set your data folder to an external hard drive or USB flash drive and connect the drive to whichever computer you are currently using.  

If you select (File > Go to Data Folder),

Go To Data Folder

the program will open the Windows folder that contains the CoinManage COINDESC.MDB file. 

Note that changing the data folder using the Preferences (Tools > Preferences) will not copy the data file over to the newly selected folder, you must do this manually. 

CoinManage Data Directory

 You should also set the Coin Images folder to a location on the external device.  The Coin Images folder contains any images that you have attached to stamps entered into a collection.

2. How often are program updates?  How much does it cost?


You can download free updates to the program using the Check For Updates feature under the Help menu. 


Check For Updates Menu

We try to release free updates every 2-3 months which will include updated varieties, latest PCGS prices, program and data fixes and perhaps a minor new feature. 

3. Do you have an Apple Mac version of CoinManage?

We do not have a native Mac version of CoinManage at this time.  The program should work on a Mac with a PC Emulator program called Parallels.  Before purchasing, please verify that the program will work on your environment by downloading the demo.  We do not test the software using a Mac and PC emulator.

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