Create A Report For All USA Stamps between 1900 and 1940

StampManage makes it easy to output “checklist” type reports. These can be taken to a stamp show or dealer for reference as to what stamps you own and which ones you need. Watch the video below to see how to filter a check list (or any other report) so it only shows stamps issued during a certain time frame. In this case US stamps issued between 1900 and 1940:

Combo Package Upgrades

We get regular emails from customers who have bought a Combo package in the past (SuperCombo, NumisCombo, etc.)
asking how they can upgrade to the latest versions of the software in their combo.

We will always give a decent discount to Combo owners to upgrade, please email and mention which programs you have in your purchased Combo and whether you want to receive the upgrades in Download or DVD/CD formats.