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New Updates for CoinManage Deluxe 2015 & CoinManage USA 2015

CoinManage 2015 & CoinManage USA 2015 have been updated.

To update select HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from the main menu.

After the update downloads and begins installing you have to close the CoinManage program so that it can be replaced.

Changes include:

1/ New COINS GROUPED BY COLLECTION report. Use this report to get total values for each collection and all collections as a whole.

2/ New 2 column Checklist report. This is the report we used to create the checklists you see at our Free Coin Checklists Page

3/ Fixed a bug where the program could crash if you had approximately 20 duplicates of the same coin variety.

4/ We recently updated values for mint Jefferson nickels, whether this is new depends on when you purchased.

CoinManage Crashing Issue

Some customers have experienced CoinManage 2015 crashing when certain records are selected.  We have fixed this problem and  will be issuing a free update this Sunday.

Basically the problem happens when you have many of the same coin variety in your inventory.  When the program tries to show the “Duplicates” table it is too large and overwrites a buffer.  From now on we will just show the first 16 duplicate coins which should be fine for most users.

Some Common CoinManage Questions

HI, I have a few questions regarding your software.

I have us coins and world coins, mostly us coins.  About your software, does the software update the price of the coins?

The Deluxe version includes complete listings for USA, Canada & UK Coins with values.  We update the values each yearly release like your average coin values guide.  The PCGS values are updated every few months.

What about world coins?  If I purchase the CoinManage 2015, will I need to purchase the updates each year?

It is never mandatory to upgrade, you can use the version you bought as long as you wish.  Or you can upgrade each year for a reasonable cost..or skip years and upgrade a few years down the road with no penalty.

I have PGCS and NGC graded coins, does your software work with these grading companies?

It works with PCGS slabs.  We looked at NGC, but there doesnt seem to be a way of getting the coin variety from the NGC slab barcode.  

How far back does your software go (track DATE)?

 Includes all USA coins from 1793-Present.  If you want to keep track of value changes from certain times, you can always print reports and save them to PDF, Excel or some other format.

I looking for an simple way to track all my coins, as of know I use my own spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel which does not track prices.